Julian Bakery Has Falsely Labeled Breads, Is Falsely Labeling Their Paleo Protein Bars, Engaged In Patent Infringement, And Is Poaching Another Company’s Coconut Wraps.

I have moved the majority of information regarding The JulianBakery to a much larger site and I am inviting you to read the whole story.  For those of you interested in Protein Bars you may read here Julian Bakery Is Falsely Labeling New Protein Bars and pictures here Julian Bakery Moldy Paleo Bars  here My Googled Website Terms For Heath Squier & The Julian Bakery and some of them are pretty funny. here Another Julian Bakery FDA Warning Letter and yet another FDA Paleo Bars Recall For Undeclared Tree Nuts. here Are You Being Duped And Do You Like It? here Does Paleo Money Trump Paleo Ethics? and my absolute favorite here Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Bars Being Sold On Craigslist  Heath Squier has had zero regard for anyone’s health or well-being over the past 20+years which is why I call him a Narcissistic Psychopath and here he is displaying it in all his glory Mr. & Mrs. Narcissistic which certainly explains More Evidence Of Heath Squier’s Pathological Lying  and Julian Bakery Is Breaking Amazon Sellers Policies paying people to lie about how great the new bars are.  After more than 4 years following and dealing with Heath Squier it is my opinion that he is that amoral psychopath. I liken the Julian Bakery to an octopus and this shows how far they reach. Solution Of The Julian Bakery Debacle: Let Hong Kong People Use Their Own Brains & Tastebuds  Late Breaking News. A giant of the shipping industry has had to sue Julian Bakery for $241,274.27 Court Docs here: FedEx vs Julian Bakery

Julian Bakery ScamLastly and to this day, Julian Bakery is immediately taking people’s money and not shipping out their ordered products.  People are so furious that one woman has put up a special Julian Bakery Scam Facebook Page where you can rant to your hearts content.  They are so disliked they have two Yelp sites:  Yelp Oceanside and Yelp La Jolla  As soon as they moved their operations to Oceanside, CA from La Jolla, CA Yelp followed them.  There are literally 100’s and 100’s of negative reviews. If you have a complaint Yelp is the place to put it as Julian Bakery can’t delete it. If you can, post your tracking number so other can track your progress.  If you are unable to resolve your order you may contact your state’s Attorney General and here is a list of them.  Attorneys General State By States Scroll To Your state or you may also contact the California Attorney General directly as the Julian Bakery is in the state of California.

This is my own video of Moldy Protein Bars.

A whole lot of people pay attention to Jimmy Moore and Jimmy says:

I’m sorry, but this company blatantly lied about the nutritional content of their breads and we exposed this fraudulent scam on my blog: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/julia…ales/14568

Now the owner of this low-carb and Paleo bread company is feigning contrition and ignorance that his products were not what he was claiming them to be. It’s extremely difficult for me to believe that if he truly CARED about the weight and health of his customers who were buying these grain-based breads that he couldn’t have done what I did and tested his blood sugar along with encouraging his customers to do the same: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/jimmy…eads/10900

Jimmy says when he interviewed him a few years back about the problems with his bread, he doubled-down and talked about the weight loss and diabetes control from consuming his bread, but he had no answer for why my results were less than stellar: http://youtu.be/Z5BfQBe6Aeg

This website and blog is dedicated to all you thousands and thousands of people who have tried to give feedback to Julian Bakery and Heath Squier on any of their websites or Facebook pages only to have your comments deleted.  Things like; what they could do to improve their products, customer services, moldy breads, money not being returned etc.

Below is your chance to vent.  The only thing I ask is that you aren’t crude or offensive.  There are many ways to say something nasty without any offensiveness.  So have at it and have fun.

Heath Squier and Julian Bakery will see these comments.

A message to Heath Squier; any comment you wish to make?  You may be sure that it will be deleted immediately.

Heath Squier

Bernie Madoff 2

Heath Squier or Bernie Madoff  Take your pick-I see no difference.





Deborah Krueger

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  1. Ann Wood

    Terrible company. I’ve bars that came as hard as stones, bread that disintegrated in my hands. And now reading all this, never again.

  2. M. Eddy

    I placed 2 orders on Julian Bakery’s on-line website as far back as 5/4/16 and despite the fact that my credit card was charged in full for each of these orders, no product has ever been delivered as of today 6/13/16. The USPS tracking number that they provided merely states that USPS was noticed on 5/4/16 of a pending order and that a shipping label was made; however said product was never received by them to be shipped out to me. My order #’s are: JB339291 & JB325651 and the total amount charges to my credit card is: $115.26. To date I have attempted to reach them by phone (they only have an outgoing message, no voice mail, or live customer support via phone), and via e-mail (received same canned e-mail reply from them citing “equipment failure” which did not address my e-mail’d questions or concerns). To say that their customer service stinks is a GIGANTIC UNDERSTATEMENT! As a result of failure to receive said product in a timely manner and lack of satisfactory resolution, I had to contact my credit card company today to dispute the charges that this rotten, unethical, scamming company made.

        1. Deborah Krueger Post author

          Thank you John and now everyone who comes here will read what you have said. I have talked on the phone with two other former Julian Bakery employees and both said the same things and also much more. I realize this is a public forum and do not expect you to expose yourself any further. That you came forward with what you did is admirable.

  3. Laura Griffith

    I am having the same problem. Ordered my bars 4/19. I have not received them. Bogus emails about equipment issues. I have asked 6 times for a refund and they will not respond. I made a claim through Paypal. I hope it gets resolved

  4. Kris Thompson

    Oh yeah, same song, several verses-ordered in good faith the paleo bars and the egg white bars-this on March 19th-I’ve followed up and followed up and did I mention, followed up. Never any word from them to keep me informed. Scam Scam Scam-I could care less at this point about their “equipment” problems, in fact I’d just like my $. I don’t want nor trust these things. I can’t even rant about them on Facebook in their slick ads, as I’ve been blocked. Things that make you go hmmm… I’ve never used offensive on untoward words against them, but I’ve been vocal and forthright in my global disappointment of their business practices and ethics. Likely the strongest word I’ve used is pissed, and that of course is how I found out they’d blocked me. Failed to post is what happens.

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author

      You are saying it has been well over 2 months since your initial order? No one is ever able to to post a negative comment to any of the many alias Julian Bakery Facebooks and websites. For what it’s worth it is totally illegal to take someone’s money and not ship the product is a timely manner. You should definitely make a complaint to the FTC. You don’t say how your payment was made but there ARE remedies.

  5. Missy

    I recently ordered their cerial, and I think it’s actually making me sick. It had a funny taste unlike the first batch I ordered, and each time I eat it now I feel like I have a lump in my throat and my stomach gets a bit upset. Has anyone else had this issue with them? I have been trying to figure out all week why I have been feeling awful. I did not eat it yesterday, and was fine today until I had a bowl of it! I am Paleo because of food sensativities….I feel like there is something bad in this stuff!!:-(

  6. Marcia Sandford

    They deleted my comments asking when I’d finally receive my bars from Facebook. They can’t seem to get my bars made due to “equipment problems” but based on all I’ve read their equipment is the least of their problems. They should be shut down. Their gorgeous adds pop up on facebook and you just can’t resist but now I now you need to stay away.

    1. Randy Chaffin

      same for me Marcia!

      I ordered 4-6 and have yet to see any product.

      I am amazed that the business community would continue to support scumbaggery by Julian Bakery.
      I’ve complained to paypal, etc. and will continue to do so.

      I asked for a refund on 4-30 and haven’t heard a peep from the apparent criminals.

    2. Sarah N

      Marcia, I’m so glad I saw your post–I thought it was just me! I’ve been going nuts back and forth since April 20th trying to figure out where the heck my order is for two bars. I get the same canned messages, asking me two pick alternate flavors, and of course, the flavors include the one I ordered. Each time I’m assured they’ll ship “tomorrow”, and that’s been since April 20th! The phone number listed just goes to a recorded message.
      I would LOVE to find an alternative bar from a reputable company that doesn’t have artificial fillers.

    3. Gianna

      They said the same thing to me…what is the deal with equipment problems? This is not the first time there have been delays and I also received moldy bars once. And they never give a refund for not sending bars within the 7 – 14 days they promise.

  7. Laura Preble

    I, too, ordered these bars in early February, received them a full month later. No mold, though, which is good. I ordered the sample box. I shared them with lots of people and uniformly everyone thought the texture resembled Play-Doh. Since I am now not at all confident about the nutritional info, I will not be buying any more of these….they didn’t taste good to me, and they have an expiration date of Feb 2017…I emailed and asked the company about this, because anything that is really food should not last a whole year. They said the product had ‘natural preservatives’. Not sure what they means.

  8. Victoria Ann Baldwin

    I am VERY annoyed. I ordered a sample box of paleo bars on the 15th of february. I have yet to receive them 3 weeks later! At $40 a box I would expect better customer service! I received an email from them on 2/25 that a shipping label had been generated with tracking number and that my bars would be baked on the 29th, but no movement (according to tracking) on my order since! And what took so long from the time I ordered till the time it was baked, 2 weeks? What’s going on? No return emails or telephone calls! TERRIBLE customer service! Will Not be ordering again I don’t care HOW yummy everyone claims these bars to be, but how would I know when I never got them! One pissed off customer!

    1. rec

      Same thing with me. They sent an email saying order would be “baked” and generated a label on 2/29 with delivery on 3/3. 3/3, 3/4, 3/5 came and went. I emailed first and called. The girl that answered wasn’t very friendly. The email response I got was better, claiming a machine malfunction so the paleo bars were behind in production. The email assured me that the bread I ordered would be fresh baked. Order was shipped on 3/7 via priority 2-day – I didn’t receive until 3/12. Umm… that’s not 2 day priority.

      The bars I’ve tried are ok, not great but OK. I’m now afraid to try the bread since there was a 5 day travel window…..

      Any suggestions for true/better paleo product?

  9. Erica Terry

    I bought a sample pack of these bars and they were beyond disgusting! I have commented, emailed, contacted The julian bakery for a refund on my bars uneaten, and they have yet to respond. They are the worst bars I have ever tried, they tasted like plastic, they are hard as a rock, and I would even describe them moldy tasting. I could barely choke the one down that I tried. Since the rest are rock hard I decided not to even try it. I ordered them in Sept, and the expiration is not until Sept 2016. It has been months of me trying to contact them to assist me with no response at all. I guess I will chalk this up as a $28 dollar waste. I thew my money away when i decided to give these paleo plastic bars a try. Really disappointed.

  10. Jessica

    I’m reading all of the negative reviews about Julian Bakery, but I’m wondering if it’s possible they changed the recipes for their bars. I’ve only started eating Paleo for the past 2 months, and have been looking for a good protein bar. I thought I’d found it with these bars, but I’m starting to question that assumption reading all of the reviews. I ordered one cookies-n-creme bar and one cinnamon roll bar from a third party website in addition to some other non Julian Bakery items. I received my order two days ago (really quickly), and I must say, the cinnamon roll protein bar was really good. My kids even tasted it and loved it. I didn’t try the cookies-n-creme one, but my husband did. He’s a stickler for taste, and, although he liked the cinnamon roll bar a lot better, he claims the cookies-n-creme bar was “ok”. I got online to order more, but started seeing all of the negative reviews about the company. I’m not sure what to think now…

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author


      There are many good protein bars without having to buy the ones you have named. Julian Bakery has been lying to and cheating people for many years and their protein bars are just an example. Look around the internet. Google moldy paleo bars and look at the pictures. This is a collection of picture from around the web of the pictures people have posted. http://low-carb-scams.com/julian-bakery-moldy-paleo-bars/ Read the Yelp reviews http://www.yelp.com/biz/julian-bakery-oceanside?sort_by=date_desc Read the Amazon Reviews-This link is for the 12 pack http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Protein-Carbs-Glazed-Donut/product-reviews/B00RDL7NTU/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewopt_srt?sortBy=recent&pageNumber=1 and this link is for the 7 pack http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Protein-Carbs-Glazed-Donut/product-reviews/B00RDL7NTU/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewopt_srt?sortBy=recent&pageNumber=1 The reviews got so bad Julian Bakery took them off Amazon where they could not control them. Now try to find even one negative comment on any of Julian Bakery’s many websites or Facebook pages. Many have tried to post them and they are deleted immediately. Over the years they have had many FDA recalls. If you trust this company then support them and there are many who do not. Things are not always as they seem.

  11. Betty kayler

    i just received my almond and coconut paleo bread after waiting several weeks for it to arrive. The tops of the loaves of bread were pretty well burnt on top, the bread were both brown in color, the coconut bread was not white let alone lighter in color then the almond.I opened up the coconut bread and it was very dense heavy and super moist[wet] and tasted it, it was awful and then tried the almond and it was also awful. I tried to make bread on my own and mine tasted 100%way better then this Jillian bakery. I wrote to them and she just said that the coconut that was sent to them was brown. If that was the case why didn’t they send it back. She didn’t say anything about the difference in bread the burnt tops. She could not refund me my money due to taste and since it was a special order

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author


      Coconut flour is DEFINITELY NOT brown. They advertise it as Organic Coconut Flour and I am betting if you pushed it you could get your money back and if I were you I would push it.

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author

      Yes, I do. One day I called to verify something and I believe them to be a legit company. There are bakeries who buy the mixes from rsquare and then call them their own. I was sent a loaf from a bakery in NY at http://www.healthyjoybakes.com who was making some claim or another about his diabetic grandmother coming up with the recipe. Because of me he has changed his website but I did test my glucose levels and the bread is actually on the up & up. You can see my glucose graph here. Just scroll down a bit. http://low-carb-scams.com/one-good-low-carb-bakery-some-good-internet-sellers/ It appears to be less expensive to order it directly from the company.

  12. Gio


    Just found your site and it is clear your heart is in the right place. I noticed, tho, a comment about the owner of the Great Low Carb Bread Company that i found troubling. I have been ordering from them, enjoying their products while continuing to lose weight… so reading a one liner about the owner being shady but with no elaboration forces me to ask; what prompts you to say this? Can you share specifics? Ive seen nothing but positives across the web for this company, unlike Julian Bakery which gets a solid trashing wherever you go. So please help me out here. Thanks.

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author


      I do not say things lightly and the owner of Low Carb U sold bogus low carb products despite repeatedly be told. He sold them and poisoned diabetics and the low carb community for months and months after he knew just to unload his inventory. I have spent thousands and thousands of hours on the work I do and can verify all of it.
      It is your business it you want to put money in his pockets. Me? I have a clean conscience and I know of what I speak.

  13. Coco

    i just bought a load of the paleo bread for $13 from Whole Foods. Toasted a slice and noticed that the bread was smoking/steaming, yet wasn’t burnt. I put butter on it and choked down most of it before giving up – it tasted acidic and made me feel like puking almost immediately. Found your page when I googled for reviews. Will definitely be returning it and writing a letter to whole foods. So disgusting – and I’m very familiar with coconut flour products. Thanks for your site

  14. Tina

    I wish I had done more research! I ordered 5 years ago from them (low carb bread which was then made, I believe, with almond flour) and I found it to be quite tasty! So, this time around when I started my low carb diet again, I ordered SIX products to get the “free shipping” offer. First off, my order was delivered to me after ONE solid month, and that’s after one email and TWO phone calls to see where the heck my order was. The girl informed me that the reason it didn’t ship was because two of the products I ordered (coconut macaroons and strawberry cheesecake bars are no longer available)…Well, couldn’t someone have told me that, or perhaps just shipped out my order anyway?? I finally received my highly anticipated paleo bread made with coconut flour, and my cinnamon raisin bread, both 1 carb per slice. Well, I toasted the stuff and put some butter on it and literally spit it out in the garbage, gagging!!! It was inedible. I’ve made things with coconut flour before, so I know it’s not that. There is something very offensive and SMELLY in those breads. They are absolutely disgusting. I am so disappointed with their customer service, and also their products.

  15. Bobby

    I bought some protein bars from them, and 2 of them arrived with the packaging open, and a 3rd had the longitudinal seam open. I had to toss these bars. I left an honest review on Amazon, and mine was the only review on there. Then, a few days later, POOF! 5 more reviews appear, all of them 5 stars. Highly suspicious in my opinion. Makes me NOT want to trust these people one bit, especially with my health and what I eat. Had they emailed me and let me know they were going to improve the packaging, add printed expiration dates, sent me a replacement, and asked me to edit my review, I would’ve done so. Not now, though. They just asked me for my email so they could send me new bars, tried to say they do have expiration dates (I could find none). They did nothing to address the packaging quality to me, or address the lack of printed expiration dates.

    1. Deborah Krueger Post author

      This is the way The Julian Bakery & Heath Squier have operated for years. The only reason they offered you replacements is because you posted about it on Amazon. Normally they do not even respond to customer complaints. One of Heath’s favorite tricks is to bury a bad review with good ones and he does this with shills. I believe Heath Squier does not really do much of anything. His full time work seems to be social media and putting out fires like yours.
      Sorry you had to learn the hard way.
      Deborah Krueger

    2. Heather

      Got my order the other day of the sampler – tried 3 of them and all 6 are in the garabge. I posted on the Facebook page I was disappointed – POOF- it disappeared. They are the worst tasting bars I have ever eaten. Wish I found this page sooner.

  16. Katie Rose

    For those who want a good biscuit recipe, look in the Wheat Belly Cookbook by William Davis, MD. He is a cardiologist. The cheddar cheese biscuits taste very close to my old whole wheat biscuits. They are made with almond flour and flax meal. Since his book is not a paleo book, then he does have some bread with garbanzo bean flour.

  17. Donna

    I went through a popular tee shirt maker on line to have some Post Paleo tee shirts made for a Facebook group with original artwork that my daughter had created. Heath Squier had it removed due to his registration of the word “paleo.” Can you believe that? I wondered how Loren Cordain felt about that. I wonder how all the people everywhere who use the word feel about that. It’s an abuse of perceived power. I have purchased their bread (when I did a Whole30, I gave it a try before I learned more about the company). It was awful. Cardboard. Less than cardboard. And pricey.

    At any rate, I’ve never understood how people like this stay in business with such a foul tasting and textured product and with the side bar of heavy handed tactics.

  18. meredith crew

    Katlyn, thanks for the reply. I didn’t know if my comment had registered or not. I just wanted to have a piece of toast with my eggs in the morning but I’l live with out it.

  19. Katlyn

    Thank you so much for this information. I was a bit skeptical anyway…. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money. I’ll just stick to Dave’s Killer Bread when I want bread and it’ll just be my cheat meal for the week while on the Paleo diet. It’s delicious wholesome bread that isn’t full of junk. Who cares if it isn’t Paleo?? I don’t.

  20. meredith crew

    I bought a loaf of Julian Bakery Paleo bread at Bay Naturals in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I paid $13.00 for the loaf. I got it home and opened it. It had freezer burn. It smelled and tasted like fish.

    1. John Salamone

      YES! We decided it tasted like foul calamari! Also, the smell was awful…AWFUL! The toaster smelled like stale fish. We have put the rest of the loaf outside for squirrels…let’s see if they are indiscriminate enough to partake.

  21. Susanne Lee

    I have tried several times to order from these people. The first two times, I received molded product – and what wasn’t molded (bread) was simply awful.

    Then I decided after a few years to give them another try and ordered the paleo wraps and a few sugar-free products to test out. After two weeks of them sending me fake tracking numbers and making excuses, I cancelled the order and demanded my money back.

    Their products suck and their customer service sucks even more.

    Disappointed – because there is definitely a market out there for the sorts of products they allegedly offer.

  22. valerie alberta

    Wish i would have known this earlier! i place an order $138.00 worth of products around march 16, 2014.. well its april 3rd ive emailed ive left messages on every number listed. No order and no responce!! will also be posting to facebook.

  23. Theresa

    I’m going to try to spread word of this horrible man and his deceitful tactics. I LOVE your remake of his logo!!! too funny!!! I’m the one who reposted your comments in amazon.

    1. Theresa

      btw, I have hundreds of followers on pinterest, where I post low carb and gluten free recipes. I plan to pin and re-pin your page on a regular basis so that as many people as possible see it.

  24. Kim

    WOW! I was about to order Paleo Bread for the 1st time. Glad I saw this. Thank U!!! Truth needs to be spread about these crap companies that don’t care about us and lie to line their pockets.

  25. Nacho Daddy

    Perhaps you should learn how to talk to people on the Internet, Teryl Davis. Or did your parents not raise you right or just chose to be caustic because you are behind the veil of the PC Screen? At any rate, even if you like the product, you can defend it in a civil way. Your language shows your level of intelligence.

    Julian’s Bakery has unfortunately been unethical about their business practices. Also, the products are mislabeled as actually have more carbohydrates than listed.

    Deborah, I wish you well on your legal journey. You spoke the truth and should not be punished for it at all.

  26. Anonymous

    Julian Bakery has HORRIBLE customer service. I received the wrong bread. They continued to argue with me that they gave me the correct order. Even showed me a copy of “my” order to prove it. I know what I ordered and it wasn’t what was sent. Very rude people. Will NEVER order from them again. When I spend $50 on bread and wraps, I expect it to be what I ordered!